This is by far the most personal story am sharing here.

Trust me, you will love dogs after this if you don’t already.

I was one of those people who found puppies cute and dogs, well dogs used to scare me a little. Small puppies who just hopped around with not-so sharp teeth. Adult dogs freaked me out because you never know when they start to run like a horse behind you with their wagging tails. It was only after I met this special dog that I realised

One day, there was that one day, that one dog who changed the way I saw dogs entirely.

In my locality, there are around 10 dogs. They have their groups and stick to their specific lanes in the block, it was as if they had strict doggy boundaries set. No dog from other lane was allowed to roam around in any other if they did that lane’s dogs very faithfully guarded and barked them off.

My younger cousin sister came to me one day, very excitedly telling me about some new born puppies at the corner of our lane and then my mum told me too. It was like the universe continuously telling me that you have to go see them. After a few days, when the puppies started to walk and run around. One of them, a brown furry one came up to our house and was sitting near our main gate. I happened to be on the balcony that time. He was the cutest puppy I had ever seen, so I went downstairs to see this little friend. Now, as I told you I found puppies cute but going too near to them was out of my reach. But, this little guy kept staring into my eyes like he was trying to make a conversation saying “Hey! Hi” in dog language. I had been listening to stories about a pet dog my friend has, how she showed her love and it made me crave that kind of affection, made me realise how selfless these creatures are. So, I picked up some courage, went closer and patted on his fragile head. He loved it, loved it so much that he opened his mouth wide and tried to lick and bite my fingers in a playful manner but I took a step back thinking Oh hey what don’t bite me! That’s rude.

Days passed by and I found myself running downstairs more often. Seeing him lie down with his little paws in the air, enjoying as I rubbed his belly was such a happy feeling. He started living with his other brothers and sisters in a little garden in the front of our house. They used to sleep and play there in the grass, tumble over each other. I kept a bowl for them at the small gate of the garden, gave them water, milk and chicken occasionally. Motu loved chicken, he could smell it from the balcony when I bought chicken for him. He would run around me, his happy barking when he was super excited for his dinner. But he often was messy while eating. I tried to feed him with a spoon, which I know isn’t the right thing to do so I stopped that after a while. But when ate from the spoon, he was such a good boy. Sitting straight, waiting for the spoon to reach him, very disciplined.

I started calling him by different names to see which one he likes the most and finally, I got one, Motu. I could stand on my balcony and call his name, he would come running out of nowhere in a second. Every day as I went to college in the morning, Motu was already waiting for me at the gate, sitting up-straight like my bodyguard ready to escort me. Motu and his entire family started coming to drop me in the morning and every evening they would sit near the main road from where I used to return. Our way back to home would be filled with jumping around, scratching my jeans up to the knees and a lot of hopping and panting around. Remember the friend I told you about? Who has a pet dog? One day it so happened that I had the chance to introduce him to Motu. It was such a delight seeing Motu recognise someone calling him by his name and running wagging his tiny tail and cute doggy bum. Dogs have the ability to sense how you are feeling. When ever I had an argument with my parents or was just upset for some reason, I used to go sit beside him. He didn’t run around or initiate to play, instead, he used to lay his head on my feet as trying to comfort me silently listening as I shared my thoughts with him. After every such talk, he would lift his head up and look into my eyes without blinking which gave me chills, the chills that meant yes he can understand what you are saying and he loves you so much. Motu was my stress buster.

It was the weekend as far as I remember when Motu came walking slowly to our main gate of the house and just stood there like he wants to do something but he is unable to. I saw him and instantly went down to see him. At first, I didn’t see, but when he tried to sit but couldn’t, I had my throat aching and suddenly parched. One of his legs was fractured, most probably someone on the bike or car must have hit him. I rang the bell and told my dad to call the NGO for dogs as soon as possible. I carefully picked motu up and held him in my lap trying to hold back my tears as he laid helpless, trembling and making the most painful sound that I have ever heard of someone crying. I realised he wasn’t much comfortable sitting in my lap, it hurt his leg. So, I put him down and ran upstairs to look for a pillow. I held his head and let it rest on the pillow till the NGO’s van came to give him some injections to ease his pain.

It was wintered when this happened, in the garden I made him a little bed with his cushion and a blanket. Every night he returned to his bed to sleep very obediently and I used to help him lie down and cover him nicely before he sleeps. Every morning from then on, he would be sitting on his bed, blanket all crumbled at the side, waiting for me to come and feed him. One day, when I returned from college I saw something that made my heart filled with delight, the delight to see him walk on all of his four legs. He came running. He became better as weeks went by, started running too. I tried to teach him how to play fetch, , but he didn’t understand that after catching the ball you have to come back with the ball too. So the game of fetch included me doing the most of the running.

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