No matter what religion you follow, or if you don’t follow any. The purpose of life is to seek happiness. At first, happiness seems very easy to have but in reality its the complete opposite. Happiness is not affected by the environment around you, it is all about how well your mind is trained. Here mind means the spirit, the soul and not merely the human brain. The word ‘happy’ is derived from the Icelandic word ‘happ’ meaning luck or chance. The goal is not to achieve personal happiness, that is very self-indulgent. Research has shown that people who are feeling happy are more likely to have the willingness to help others. A person suffering from cancer can be happier with his life than a healthy and rich person. How? The person suffering from cancer has realized the value of life, the value of each day and the little pockets of happiness you can find in everyday life. Whereas the healthy one has all the comforts of the world, has money to buy whatever he wants but still is not happy because materialistic happiness has a short lifespan.
The conclusion is, happiness is complex. It can be achieved by being content with what you have and being grateful for it. Compare yourself with the less fortunate and you’ll find a dozen of reasons for you to be happy with your life. You have a roof over your head, you can continue your studies as you can afford it, you have food in your stomach every night that you go to sleep. We always want something more out of life, this lead to us being never truly happy with what we have. Dreaming about what more should we have, we forget to cherish what we have in the present. Life is in the moment, embrace it and be grateful that you woke up this morning.


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