1. Life is not about you. That Facebook status is not about you, it is a general statement. Bad things don’t just happen to you. No one is trying to make you miserable. You aren’t the center of everyone’s life. Be generous, think about other’s situation as well.
  2. Things will never satisfy the soul. Spend more of your hard earned money on gaining new experiences rather than on materialistic things. The idea is that things don’t bring happiness, just a short term illusion that looks like it.
  3. Credit cards are dangerous. The risks of spending way more money than you have getting in a lot of debt are high.
  4. Read more. Reading and hard work are probably the two biggest differentiators of success. Although the internet is attractive, books will increase your knowledge, increase your vocabulary, stimulate your brain and at the end of the day you will feel relaxed.
  5. Travel more. This is your chance, you don’t have heavy responsibilities at this age, you have a stable job and some free time as well. Afterwards, the job will get more stressful, you’ll want to start a family and get settled down later.
  6. Save money. Time means money and wasted time means a lot less than money. Start saving money from the time when you are able to pay your rent fully and you still have something left. Think about future.
  7. Have a healthy lifestyle. Your body will not get any better if you don’t do anything about it. Help your body to be in its best shape and exercise regularly. Cut down the fast food and start drinking more water. Small steps matter.

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