This is very true. This is a fake news. You can spot every difference made in this post. The person who made it has pasted Indian National Congress Logo and Bhartiya Janta Partry Logo instead of national flag. From 1st country till last, the foolish person didnt know the other national parties logo, that’s why the person who has made this fake picture has used other national flag and used Indian National Congress and some in opposition has used Bhartiya Janta Party logo. But there more to it, there are several pictures forwarded on FB, Twitter, and other social media and Whatsapp groups, but there are several spots to find the difference,

No.1 Font difference,

No.2. Using Political party logos and not the national flag.

No.3 Forwarders of this fake picture are so blind they don’t know which news agency has done this research, whether its BBC or CNN.

No.4 The heading of news BBC “Declares Congress as” or “Declares BJP as”

We could say that the news was specially printed for Congress party and the top 3 or no. 1 Pakistan also. This is a message of hatred message, or we would say 2019 elections startup scenario from BJP party.


This picture is forwarded in every whatsapp groups. People are literate and should decided themselves whom to give the vote and or not.


Others Fake Pictures found over the internet.

Links on around the world news for corruption.

IBLAGH News –  Narendra Modi in list of top 10 corrupt politicians of the World.

The News Nigeria –


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